State Street Bank Online Banking Login and Routing Number Information

State Street Corporation is a financial services and bank holding company headquartered at One Lincoln Street in Boston with operations worldwide. It is the 2nd United States bank on the list of oldest banks in continuous operation; its predecessor, Union Bank, was founded in 1792. It is one of the largest asset management companies in the world with US$2.78 trillion under management and US$33.12 trillion under custody and administration. The company is ranked 271st on the Fortune 500. The company is on the list of the banks that are too big to fail published by the Financial Stability Board. The company is named after State Street in Boston, which was known as the “Great Street to the Sea” in the 18th century as Boston became a flourishing maritime capital. The company’s logo includes a clipper to reflect the maritime industry in Boston during this time.

How to Login to State Street Bank Online Banking

State Street customers can log into their bank accounts by visiting

State Street Bank Routing Numbers

Below you will find a list of all routing numbers for State Street, listed by state.

State Street Bank Locations

To find a local State Street bank in your area, simply perform a zip code search here.

State Street Bank Hours and Customer Service

If you would like to find the location hours for a State Street branch in your area, be sure to visit the reference link above. To contact the State Street customer service department, simply visit their website and click on the ‘customer service’ option.

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