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Logix was founded as the Lockheed Aircraft Federal Credit Union in 1937, during the height of the Great Depression. Twelve charter members started the credit union, which was originally located on the grounds of Lockheed’s Burbank facilities. The efforts of those founding members allowed Lockheed employees access to credit when bank loans were unavailable, and provided a secure place for savers to deposit their money, with the greater benefit of helping fellow Lockheed employees. This cooperative banking structure remains the core of our organization today.

In this resource page, you will find answers and tutorials on the following:

  • How to Login to Logix Bank Online Banking
  • Logix Bank Routing Numbers
  • Find a Local Logix Bank Near You
  • Logix Bank Hours and Customer Support

How to Login to Logix Bank Online Banking

Logix customers can log into their bank accounts by visiting https://olb.logixbanking.com/User/AccessSignin/Start.

Logix Bank Routing Numbers

Below you will find a list of all routing numbers for Logix Bank, listed by state.

Logix Bank Locations

To find a local Logix bank in your area, simply perform a zip code search here.

Logix Bank Hours and Customer Service

If you would like to find the location hours for a Logix branch in your area, be sure to visit the reference link above. To contact the Logix customer service department, simply visit their website and click on the ‘customer service’ option.

In 1937, at the height of the cold war, Logix was formed as Lockheed Aircraft Federal Credit Union. The local bank that’s been actually based on the lands of Lockheed’s Burbank facility was formed by twelve access to consumers.

When loans were scarce, the work of such founders gave Boeing users find to cash or found a great place for savings to save their cash, with the massive benefit of helping new Boeing staff. The core of our industry – remains this joint central bank.

On this resource page, you will find answers and tutorials on the following:

  1. How to Login to Logix Bank Online Banking
  2. How to Reset Your Password
  3. How to Enroll or Create Account
  4. Manage Your Account
  5. Logix Bank Routing Numbers
  6. Find a Local Logix Bank Near You
  7. Logix Bank Hours and Customer Support
  8. Review
  9. Conclusion

How to Login to Logix Bank Online Banking

You can log or use your bank’s account after sign up for a free trial with Logix Bank. Are just efforts to help you reach your checking account:

1: Open https://olb.logixbanking.com/User/AccessSignin/Start in your web browser

2: Enter your password

3: Click “login”


You’ll use a new user ID in order to fix your password. It’s very vital in having the client to verify if you are still a user with a loan online account. You have to have a user ID on the bank’s list to log in. To set up your account, here are the key steps:

  • Step 1: Click “login”
  • Step2: Click “I forgot my password”
  • Step 3: Fill in all the details required and click “submit”

How to Enroll or Create an Account?

A quick step-by-step that can last one to five minutes is to reset your password. With all these moves, create an online bank is a lot simpler for you. Some specifics about your credit card or extra data need to be issued. The following actions will aid you in filing for internet banking:

  • Step 1-Click on “Register”
  • Step 2-Enter your account/card number
  • Step 3- Then enter your last 4 digits of SSN/TN
  • Step 4- Enter your Date of birth.
  • Type YES to accept the following agreements and disclosures and to agree to the terms and conditions contained therein, affirmatively consent, and register for Online Banking. To read, print, or download the document, simply click on the document link below
  • Now Click on Start

Manage your Account

It is safe to start an online bank with Chemical Bank as long since you’re a client, as we noted earlier. You can log in at every time until you have entered, and do the latest:

  • You can pay your bills Online
  • Check your account balance
  • Use a safe and secure platform
  • Access your account balance
  • Get all notices and bank statements


FilmLogix was formed in 1999 as the Federal Credit Union of Lockheed Aircraft Staff. These past ties are still going to get rid of our story, and a true point of pride. Learn by going about our happy Boeing Story.

Member Ownership

In Logix, contributions are used to finance loans to other account holders. Income is used to boost deposit returns, reduce loan costs, provide additional banking programs, or contribute to the institution’s financial power.

Additional income is often distributed to accounts by loyalty returns. In reality, in the past two years, we have returned almost $10 million. Join our mascot as he demonstrates the difference in the credit union.

Great Rates

We still deliver a few of the best savings and lowest loan costs. See a full list of savings, vehicles, credit cards, household capital, and mortgage prices.

Lower Fees

This is simple to adjust for a valuation-packed fee-free account, and everybody has unrestricted connections to over 30,000 CO-OP network ATMs (more than the major banks).

Unbelievable Service

We are confident of our Communication Center, in which a ‘real’ human (not a robot… or a recording) answers 80% of all requests.

Moreover, with our regularly manned concierge desk and complimentary gourmet coffee, our offices welcome you and we never require or welcomed rescue funds since, in 75 years, we have never missed a penny.

Relationship Rewards

Our Friendship Rewards scheme offers you free purchases at every ATM worldwide, plus instant rebates for extra ATM costs, free checks, and many more. Furthermore, if you enroll, you immediately apply for Gold level rewards for three months.


For some time now, Logix Bank has been delivering the best banking solutions.

We will interact together with you to ensure that you have the best available solutions for your requirements. Well, why are you wanting?

Activate your Logix account today and become part of the intelligent banking movement. If you are contemplating Chemical Bank banking, you can assume the following:

  • The number of deposit savings and testing services
  • Availability reduced
  • There are not much varieties of loan choices
  • Credit and debit cards available

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