First Commonwealth Online Banking Login and Routing Number Information

The First Commonwealth Bank offers services and goods for industry, business, and finance industries. Established in 1880, the bank serves as a division of First Commonwealth Financial Corp. and is located in Indian, Pennsylvania.

The First Commonwealth Bank delivers Online banking capabilities that enable connecting to their bank accounts from everywhere in the world simpler for consumers.

It is absolutely free to register and consumers will do so much, except payment of their bills, reviewing their balance of the account, and much more. Here is a tutorial to follow the authentication measures, update your password, and register for online banking.

In this resource page, you will find answers and tutorials on the following:

  1. How to Login to First Commonwealth Online Banking
  2. How to Reset Your Password
  3. How to Enroll or Create Account
  4. Manage Your Account
  5. First Commonwealth Routing Numbers
  6. Find a Local First Commonwealth Near You
  7. First Commonwealth Hours and Customer Support
  8. Review
  9. Conclusion

How to Login to First Commonwealth Online 

It is quick to view the First Commonwealth Bank online account as long as you have an account with the bank already registered. To connect to your account, you will require a correct user ID and password. Take these login steps:

  • In your web browser, you have open https:/
  • Submit your internet banking identity and select on “go”
  • Input your password and click on “Send”

It would be given online access to the First Commonwealth Bank if you use the right information


While the first Commonwealth Bank password can not be recalled digitally, you may need to restore it. Interestingly, the method of changing your password is very easy and it is there for you. Take the following steps:

  1. Go to the dashboard for entry to the security page and enter your login ID
  2. Select “forgot password”
  3. Insert your internet banking identity, file, and email address and select “continue”

How to Enroll or Create an Account? 

This is quick to register for First Commonwealth Bank online banking services. After all, you must be a client with a bank account in order to be eligible to apply. Below are the moves to be taken to log successfully:

  1. Just go to Platform and select “register for online banking”
  2. Select “I agree” and read the terms and conditions
  3. Submit your social security number, bank account, and email.

Manage your Account

Here are the advantages of getting a First Commonwealth Bank online account:

  • You can pay Pay your bills online
  • Check your Account eStatements
  • Shift currency to bank accounts
  • Check your personal balance
  • You can check transaction history anytime



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First Commonwealth Bank opened in 1982 not long after when a number of small banks combined in Western Pennsylvania to represent a larger population.

The First Commonwealth Bank, with its headquarters in Indiana, Pennsylvania, now covers other sections of the State, including Northern and Central Ohio.

As a major branch, the bank provides a variety of resources while retaining its feeling of cooperative banking. You will set up ties with your banker and profit from personal deposits, small and business accounts, insurance policies, savings, and property planning.

You will open checks, capital markets and investment accounts, and deposit certificates for personal banks. You have links to online banking, mobile withdrawals, Allpoint and Freedom Alliance ATMs, and more regardless of what accounts you launch.

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